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  Address from the Director

The year 2013 is the key transition year for our Party and Country. At the same time, it is also the year for Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE) to do the comprehensive research for "135" strategic planning. In this year, all of us work hard and wok well to achieve a solid progress.


In scientific research, the space application system of the manned space mission has successfully completed various tasks.  AOE is responsible for the over-all technology, systems integration, software configuration, and management, self-developed transmitter, GPS navigation system, solid Lubrication Device for Shenzhou VII daughter satellites, and made several breakthroughs. General Establishment of Space Science and Application (GESSA) was awarded the  "National May 1st Labor Medal". A large-screen laser display technology was impressiverly showcased in the world-acclaimed Beijing Olympic Games. The world's first successful launch of the laser digital cinema indicates an important step in the industrialization. The integration system of the remote sensing has the growing influence on the field, and achieved a number of tasks, showing a good development potential. The small-scale mechanical tethered balloon system was successfully launched in the outskirts of Beijing, which has a wide range of application and market prospects. Large and complex development of laser-related technologies has achieved initial results. We continue to promote multilateral cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Space Organization (APSCO).

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