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Director: Prof. Wang, Yu

E-mail: office@aoe.ac.cn

Add: No 9, Deng Zhuang South Road, HaiDian District, Beijing,100094, China

Tel: 86-10-82178800

Fax: 86-10-82178600


Website: http://www.aoe.ac.cn


The Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE), established in 2003, is a high-tech research institution affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),which is dedicated to the development of space and opto-electronic science and technology. In addition, General Establishment of Space Science and Application (GESSA), and General Establishment of Satellite Navigation (GESN) are subjected to AOE.


The main research fields of AOE are Optical engineering as well as Aerospace Science and Technology, Aviation Technology and Applied Science and Technology that related to the opto-electronical information acquisition, transmission, processing and application.

AOE’s research work is focusing on—


Opto-Electronics Engineering

*    Encompassing optics

*    Opto-electronics detection system

*    Laser systems and applications


Space Science and Technology


*    overall design integration technology research

*    Earth Observation

*    Space technology and the ground system


Balloon and Near Space Flight Craft Technology

*    Tethered balloon and high altitude balloon system design and manufacture

*    Stratosphere airboat technology


Earth observation information and Navigation

*    Analysis and control (assessment) technologies for remote sensing data quality

*    Pre-processing technologies for RS data


AOE is composed of five research departments for Opto-electronics Engineering, Space Science and Technology, Payload Operation and Application Center (POAC), Balloon and Near Space Flight Craft Technology and Earth Observation Technology Application Department (ETA). Meanwhile, it has two technical support departments named the Software Evaluating Centre and the Reliability Guarantee Centre.


By the year of 2012 AOE has 290 employees. Among them 62.4% (181) are research staff. Professors are accounted for 11.7% (34), associate professors account for 17.9% (52). Average age of employees is 32.7 years old. One researcher is selected in "National outstanding youth fund", and two researchers are selected in “One Hundred Talent Program".


Since 2003, AOE has successfully accomplished the missions of the Utility System of Chinese Manned Space Program of SZ-5 and SZ-7 spaceships. Laser Display system has got the attention of the Public and the leaders of Government. It had been applied to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


AOE takes efforts for international cooperation and exchange. AOE focuses on promoting scientific research in relative fields with international co-operations, peoples exchange and training courses.

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