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  Brief Introduction
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  Brief Introduction

Introduction of Academy of Opto-Electronics

Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE) which belongs to Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) was established in November 2003. It is reform result of “intellectual innovation project” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. AOE is a research unit with general management function as well as overall technology function. AOE acts as satellite navigation development center of CAS, aerostat system research and development center of CAS, administration headquarter of CAS for important national science & technology specific project (No.2).

The research activities of AOE focus on optical engineering, Aeronautical and aerospace engineering and the application technology.

The optoelectronic engineering consists of computational optical imaging technology, projection optical system technology and large complex laser technology. The research activities in this field include prospective research, system solution design and implementation, key technology and system integration.

The aeronautical and aerospace engineering consists of space systems engineering, satellite navigation and aerostat technology.  The research activities in this field include the research of development strategy, the prospective research, the System solution design and implementation, key technology and system integration.

The application technology consists of photoelectric payload imaging mechanism and method, the photoelectric payload performance evaluation and data quality monitoring technology. The research activities in this field include prospective research and system solution design and implementation.

Through prospective research and system solution design and implementation in above three fields AOE has gradually formed multiple disciplines and general technical systems which support the various development centers.

AOE has established the organizational structure and management system to support the various research and development centers. The main scientific research units are photoelectronic systems engineering department, earth observation technology research and application department, space system technology research department, satellite navigation technology research department and aerostat system research and development center of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

To expand scientific research field and to strengthen the cooperation with the local government, AOE jointly established "China Space Technology Application and Research Center for Disaster Reduction" with National Disaster Reduction Center. AOE built "Qingdao R&D base" with Qingdao Municipal Government. AOE set up "National diode-pumped laser engineering technology research center" with Beijing GK Laser Technology Co., Ltd. AOE also act as the headquarter of National Standardization Technical Committee on Remote Sensing (TC 327) and National Standardization Technical Committee on Opto-electronics Measurement (TC487).

In the period of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" AOE got harmonious development in all its disciplines and made a number of achievements in scientific research. The main achievements include large scale laser display systems, tethered balloon platform for scientific exploration, electric propulsion airship, UAV remote sensing payload verification system, large complex lasers, key components of lithography machine for extremely large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and airborne laser radar, etc. Meanwhile AOE were granted a number of national key projects in the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year plan" which can support its sustainable development.

By the year of 2012 AOE has 290 employees. Among them 62.4% (181) are research staff. Professors are accounted for 11.7% (34), associate professors account for 17.9% (52). Average age of employees is 32.7 years old. One researcher is selected in "National outstanding youth fund", and two researchers are selected in “One Hundred Talent Program". There are also seven guest research fellows.  AOE have 4 postgraduate program and 2 doctoral program. There are totally 124 students (21% of them are doctoral students, 79% graduate students) and 3 post-doctoral researchers.

AOE is located in the park of Beijing New Technology Base of CAS. The institute occupies about 31,000 square meters. The phase II of the park construction is being prepared. The park is a satisfactory place for scientific research with beautiful environment and fully facilities.

Since its establishment, AOE has made great effort for scientific exploration and innovation. She effectively integrated resource of CAS in related fields and undertook a number of large general missions. Currently AOE has generally mastered all related knowledge and technology of satellite, lighter-than-air aircraft, payloads, data processing and application. AOE can design and implement complete systematic solutions.

Under the leadership of CAS and with the unity, cooperation, dedication and innovation from all employees AOE will further aim to its mission, condenses the target, emancipates the mind, seeks truth from facts, practice in-depth, implement actively and continuously make new contributions to the development of Chinese opto-electronics and space industry.




Vision of “Twelfth Five-year plan”


AOE aims at system integration innovation in the fields of Opto-electronic engineering, aerospace technology and its application technology. AOE lays its emphasis on cutting edge technology, system technology and supporting platform building as well as technical talents formation. The institute is eager for system management innovation, the integration of research resources, system solution supply, strategic project organization and creation of strategic emerging industries. AOE will continue to improve capability of strategic planning, systematic programming and execution, cooperative research and integration application. AOE is devoted to be a scientific research institute for promoting technologies of opto-electronics, aerospace and its application so as to contribute to national economic and social development and national security.


AOE will continue to innovate in order to improve research level of strategic planning and system solution. It will organize related research units to undertake national key projects and to conduct the projects efficiently.

During the period of “twelfth five-year plan” AOE is intended to realize breakthrough in the field of space engineering technology, near-space airship technology, optoelectric payload performance evaluation and its data quality monitoring system technology. Five disciplines will be created: high precision multiple source integrated navigation technology, computational optical imaging technology, laser holography projection technology, spaceborne fast and high precision multi-dimensional imaging detection technology, coherent field imaging and energy collection technology. Two general research units, one national engineering research center and three key laboratories of CAS will be established so as to strengthen the general technology supporting platform. Strategic innovation alliance will be jintly built up to realize large scale industrialization.

AOE will form a high-level professional general technology and management team with multiple disciplines, strong organization and problem resolution capability. AOE will strive to become an innovation engine in the optoelectronic engineering field.

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