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Key Laboratory of Computational Optics Imaging Technology TEXT SIZE: A A A

Computational Optics Imaging is a novel research area which is composed of geometric optics, optical computing, optical information, modern signal processing theory. Its theoretical basis is the process of optical and spectral imaging, which can use the precise mathematical model to describe, and then reconstruct the spectra image by calculating the map, improving image quality according to certain system decay and error of the model.

Computational Photography or Computational Imaging refers to computational image capture, processing, and manipulation techniques that enhance or extend the capabilities of digital photography. Typically, this involves modifying the design of a traditional camera by introducing novel optical elements to capture coded images which can be later decoded in post-processing to recover additional scene information.

Key Laboratory of Computational Optics Imaging Technology was established in 2010 August, at present the official staff of 37 people in the laboratory, graduate student 18 people. The laboratory holds regular academic exchange activities every year, with its purpose to strengthen the computational optics imaging technology internal communication, to create a good academic atmosphere, strengthen the cultivation of speech ability of young scientific research personnel. At the same time, also hope to have more other laboratory personnel involved in the activity, everyone exchanges, common progress.

The main research direction:

Calculation of light field imaging technique to calculate the spectral imaging technology

Ultra long distance high resolution imaging technology of 3D active imaging technology

    •Digital super-resolution enhancement of high-speed information processing technology
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