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Laboratory of projective optics technology taken as a leading role for undertaking related research work of significant national science engineering and advanced technology, providing key technology support, developing international cooperation and training experts and engineers for optics region.

Laboratory of projective optics technology was established in 2010, now have 43 staffs, among with 15 doctor degree persons, 23 master degree persons and also have tens person for postgraduate study.

We mainly focus on the research of key technology such as high performance excimer laser technology, optical system measurement technology, shortwave opto-electronics technology and laser display technology. The related work involves optics, opto-electronics, laser technology and precision measurement technology etc.

 The main research directions

• Excimer laser technology

   Mainly focus on high-repetition rate excimer laser technology, ultra-narrowed linewidth laser spectroscopy control technology, high power laser amplification technology based on super accurate synchronization technology etc.

• Optical measurement technology

   Mainly focus on optical system frame design and integration technology, comprehensive optical system measurement technology, synthetically motion control technology etc.

• Shortwave opto-electronics technology

Mainly focus on extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) and deep-ultraviolet (DUV) opto-electronics technology, which including super-high accurate characteristics evaluation system for EUV lithography materials and comprehensive measurement technology and systematic research for EUV source.

• Laser display technology

Mainly focus on large gamut high brightness full color laser display technology, the technology uses red, green and blue lasers as light source, reproduce the objective plentiful gorgeous colors giving more thrilling performance. The laser display color gamut coverage ratio can reach 90% which is more than two times as much as NTSC standard, at the same time, features such as high resolution and digital signals of the digital era are totally inherited contributing to the perfect chromatic rendition. Laser display will be the primary technology of the next generation display namely big gamut full color display. 
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