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Wang, Yu: The director of AOE. He was born in Shanghai, on Jan. 1963. He obtained his Doctor degree from Tsinghua University in 1991. His main research area is material science, space science and technology. He was the vise director of the Center for Space Science and Applied Research from 1999 to 2003.

Cai, Rong: The vice director of AOE and the secretary of the Communist Party of AOE. He was born in Fujian province, on Mar, 1964. He was graduated from Tsinghua University in 1986, and obtained his Master degree from Tongji University in 1989. He was the vice director of the general office of CAS, vice director of ICC/CAS, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the party committee.

Wu, Haitao: The vice director of AOE. He was born in Anhui province, on Jan. 1966. He obtained the Doctor degree from NTSC/CAS. His major research area is Time synchronization and satellite navigation. He was the vice director of NTSC/CAS.

Fan, Zhongwei: The vice director of AOE. He was born in Jilin province, on Jul. 1966. He obtained his Doctor degree from CIOFMP/CAS. His major research area is Optical instrument and laser technology. He was the director of National engineering research center for semiconductor pump laser.

General Office: Shao, Xuetian

Human Resource Dpt: Zhang, Jian

S&T Dpt: Yi, Hong

Construction & Assets Dpt.: Li, Hairong

Quality Control & Standardization Dpt.: Li, Yan

Financial Dpt.: Yang, Zhifeng

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